Reply To: Knee Contractures – 12 y/o boy

October 1, 2013 at 5:31 pm

By the way, on rereading your post, it strikes me that your son’s case is remarkably similar to my own atypical case. I was initially diagnosed as GBS, but never developed breathing impairment. I, too, took about ten weeks to reach maximum weakness and begin to recover. My total time in the hospital was 18 weeks, of which the last eight were in rehab units. My diagnosis was changed along the way to CIDP, but it’s just a name as far as I am concerned. My case is more similar to GBS than to relapsing cases of CIDP, as it was relatively quick to develop and I have seen no indications of relapse. This last point is crucial. Are the signs of progressive weakness gone? Is your son slowly recovering strength? If so, I don’t know why he should not make a better recovery. My legs were at zero strength for weeks, the muscles were atrophied, and there was great pain if they were moved outside of a narrow range. Today, the contracture and foot drop issues are gone, and I walk without assistive devices, if imperfectly. Don’t lose hope!