Reply To: Keep The Faith

July 15, 2012 at 6:01 pm

At this time, I take no medication to treat my underlying CIDP. I do take Lyrica 450mg daily for pain, but that’s it. My neurologist told me that 50% of patients relapse every three month period off of IVIG. So within three months, 50% of all patients will have relapsed. Over the next three months (by the end of six months, total), an additional 50% of the patients who did not relapse in the initial three month period will have relapsed (or a total of 75% of patients up to that point), and so on. In other words, each three month period I complete without relapsing reduces my chances of relapsing by a further 50%. At present, I have a 25% chance of relapsing. At end of one year, my chances of relapsing would be less than 7%, and that percentage would continue to be reduced by 50% every three months I remained stable off of IVIG. Theoretically, one never has a zero percent chance of relapsing, but the odds begin to get very small after a year. Dr. Latov told me he would be much more confident saying I am in remission after one year of being stable off of IVIG.