Reply To: Joint Pains

April 18, 2012 at 7:15 pm

I was thinking of posting on just this issue. As many of you know I have dealt with CIDP since 1989. It started out sensory and has gotten worse over time and now I have muscular dysfunction as well as numbness. This past year the numbness has become more pronounced up my thighs and my legs get tired really fast. I can still walk, but about 200 yards at a time is my max. I use a cane to do that. Recently my hip and buttocks on my left side has become terribly pained. I can barely lift my lag up to walk. The pain is in the joint. I also suffer severe pain in my feet and neuropathic pain as well. I am careful to not “bundle” pain and blame it all on CIDP, but I wonder about this one. Any likely responses?