Reply To: Joint Pains

April 19, 2012 at 3:45 pm

Thanks so much yall!! Limekat- I broke my toe about 8 weeks ago, and have stubbed many more since this all began! I have a lot of bruises from knees down, and I used to not bruise easily.. my proprioception of my entire body is just off I guess haha.. I run into so many things!! I also had difficulty breathing, very much so, before my first round of IVIG (tha’ts why they admitted me, that and substantial generalized weakness), that has thankfully resolved for the most part! sorry to hear your struggling with that!

I knew I needed more frequent IVIG, but finally talked to my dr (i’m so sick of seeing/talking to them about this all, and just didnt’ want to take the time for more infusions), but they changed it to every 2 weeks now. I’m getting another treatment at this very moment! ! Hopefully every 2 weeks will do the trick! I sure hope so! I’m glad the dr’s are at least listening and being proactive when I tell them that I am having a set back etc.!

Thanks again so much yall!! I really really appreciate it!