Reply To: IVIG/treatment and symptoms

March 13, 2012 at 2:43 pm

pattyo, one person on the site used to infuse at work. maybe you could hook up during lunch and go back to work with the fanny pack and meet back at your house to finish/disconnect. Then sleep off the headache when you get home, ready for the next day. Or, what about starting late afternoon on a Saturday still allowing you to get things done and then go to bed at night, sleep it off and wake up good sunday. Maybe even Friday after work? When do your headaches start? Usually we start about 1/2 hour after infussion or last 1/2 hour of infussion. We are 6 hours too. Usually go to bed, wake up around 11 am next day and can deal with pain by 2-3 in afternoon day following infusion. What brand do you use?