Reply To: IVIG/treatment and symptoms

March 10, 2012 at 12:30 am

no, I am not on any medication other than IVIG and some vitamins/supplements i take on my own. I thought the lyrica was for pain?? i don’t have any pain, just the numbness/parathesia. It doesnt keep me awake at night, even though it does increase as soon as i get into bed.
Fortunately i have a home gym in my basement so im not stumbling around the public gym in front of everyone. My balance isnt very good any more—standing one spot doing exercises with dumbells, i sometimes stumble around. im sure if i was in the public gym, they would think i was drunk–lol.
Did you really mean that you were pregnant 7 times in a row!!!! or was that a type o—-cuz if so you must be VERY busy!!
I get tired the following day if i overdo it too…but i havent noticed it makes me weaker, just more fatigued. So i am trying to really push myself even when feeling tired. I know some say it isnt good, but so far i feel better after pushing myself, the ivig is helping with the fatigue.
My biggest problem is with my feet and ankles being weak, my poor knees absorb all the impact when going on walks, so who knows how long they will hold out. I have had knee surgery in one a while ago due to a ski injury—way before cidp.