Reply To: IVIG reaction, allergy?

January 30, 2013 at 6:38 am

I’ve fought this crummy disease since ’96 and certainly understand your frustration with IVIG.  Have you tried plasma exchange? Its  more invasive, but works for some patients as well or better than IVIG  ( multiple attempts with IVIG did not work for me) with few or no side effects. I have been doing a three liter PE with 1000 mg of solumedrol IV after the exchange and have managed to keep symptoms pretty stable. Years of 16 ga needle punctures took toll on veins( major scar tissue) so I had two vortex ports implanted in November and exchanges are pretty simple now. I do an exchange every three weeks now and am able to remain very active.

Hope you can conquer the side effects and keep the upper hand on the disease.