Reply To: IVIG limit 70 grams/infusion????

February 19, 2012 at 2:32 am

I have been getting only 30g the past two treatments, but they are increasing it to 48g on tuesday… I had a lady at the infusion center next to me who gets 100g EVERY week!!!! That seemed like a lot! She went at a rate of 250, and said she didnt’ get any side effects besides feeling a little run down the next day wow! My dr said they have a limit of 65 or 70 for one day… if you need more than that you have to come back for a second day..
I get my bun/creatinine (kidney function) checked everyday due to the possible kidney issues.. though I think that is rare.. also I know people can get blood clots with it as well (PE’s DVT’s etc) … not sure if heart attacks and strokes are also mildly increased.. I think for any of those issues you have to have an underlying process that puts you at risk for it and I think even then those side effects are rare. … From what my dr’s have told me IVIG has the least side effects out of any CIDP treatments!