Reply To: IVIG frequency ?

February 11, 2012 at 9:43 pm

Thanks MarkEns,
I’m getting the impression you’ve been at this for a while.
I weigh 215 and have gotten 60gr every two weeks since november.
I began with that amount as a loading dose getting 3 infilusions
within a 10 day window, then every 2weeks since. I only felt
disease progression. Both strength and sensory. My doctor said
That sensory symptoms are not addressed in the treatment
only strength. I am not sure why that is? I feel like there is a lot
I am not aware of regarding this condition.
I also wonder how much my HMO is controlling this dosing thing
I think my doctor knows more about this disease than most
neurologists, but I don’t trust the healthcare system we all
live in.
I also have no barometer about what to expect from treatment.
Results seem to be all over the board. I think I caught it early, 8 months after I noticed
symptoms, but it only seems to feel worse.
Does anyone know how often this reaches the autonomic system?
I’ve got something going on in my chest that theGre doesn’t seem to be
any related cause for…
Any links to clinical research on IVIG treatment and results?
I feel like I’m out on a limb trying to figure out the next move.