Reply To: IVIG dosage

May 31, 2012 at 12:03 am

I am going to a Center of Excellence at UCLA next month to see Dr. Micheal Graves. I am hoping they will help me with dosing of IVIG. My dosage has been 400mg/kg=25 gms every 12-14 days. My current MD wants to change it to 1gm/kg=54 grams every 3 weeks. I calculated I will be getting 95 grams more if I go every 3 week schedule vs the every 14 day schedule.
My fingers on right hand are somewhat numb and the fingers itself hurt since I’ve changed to 12-14 day schedule. I am right handed too. Maybe they can give me some insight or other therapies for CIDP or maybe I can’t be helped at all.
I felt an electric shock in my left eye that other day and that scared me! I have shocks in different parts of the body for time to time. But the one in my eye was scary. Underneath my right foot is numb; it feels like something is underneath it–my doctor says it’s numbness.