Reply To: IVIG dosage

May 10, 2012 at 10:48 am

When I tried IVIG, it was very large doses. First we tried 30g 2x a week, then 30g 3x a week (every third week off). That’s much higher than everyone else in this post! But my Dr. really wanted to try high doses to see if I responded (which I didn’t).

I usually started at 50 ml/hr, and if I was fine after 15 minutes I’d go up to 100 ml/hr. My Dr. really does not like patients going over 100 ml/hr, because negative infusion reactions go up as the speed goes up.

What I found helped a lot with headache prevention was drinking a lot of water before, after, and during the infusion. You end up having to go to the bathroom quite a bit due to the fluids, but it’s worth it to prevent the headache. And also, if your Dr. hasn’t prescribed any premeds, you should talk to them about taking Aspirin and Benadryl (or Allegra) prior to your infusion.