Reply To: IVIG dosage

May 31, 2012 at 1:40 am

exosurf—do not settle for thinking “maybe you can’t be helped at all” if properly diagnosed and your cidp is stemming from your immune system—keep trying to find what works for you. I am in that same situation right now too. I am coming close to my 3 year mark of being diagnosed and starting ivig. I have tried prednisone–didnt work, tried plasma exchange–didnt work. I feel better for a short while after receiving 130 gms of ivig (loading dose–i get 65gms per day for 2 days every 6 weeks) but it is not holding me.
tomorrow i will receive my first dose of rituxin—kind of nervous but excited at the same time. If your second opinion comes back as cidp too, then definitely keep searching until you find somethng that works. If the ivig doesnt seem to be working well ask your dr for alternatives. I wish i had asked earlier and not waited so long hoping for the ivig to work. good luck at your appointment–i hope you get some answers. Lori