Reply To: is this the new normal?

May 1, 2012 at 3:48 pm

Thanks for pep talk need that from time to time. As for the thearphy doctors have stated that since I am mobile and can take care of myself that therapy is not needed. All they tell is dont over do it. Every day its a test how far acn I push it today before everything falls in.Can deal with numbnes in legs and have learned to tune out the hands and arms. ( been rough since I spend all day at a keyboard trying to write code.) Main issue I have is when the back starts firing off it all over until that calms down. so far I have not bee able to tell what will kick it off. I know I am “one of the lucky ones” when it comes to this. unforuatly I am not one who likes to sit and wait for something. Hate that I cannot do what I did beforealso hate that with the Doctors all i get are more questions than answers.