Reply To: is this forum dead?

February 23, 2012 at 5:50 pm

LOL….that would be awesome, a GBS jam.
I started playing bass in 1994, and I got GBS in the summer of 1995, so I only had a relatively short pre-GBS period of time. One good thing was that I actually brought my bass to the rehab facility I was in back in 1995. I practiced unplugged every day during my month-long stay, which really helped me improve. But I definitely can’t play for as long as I used to be able to pre-GBS, due to hand and back fatigue.
I currently have 5 (or 6?) basses, including a heavy 5 string for when my GBS isn’t too bad, and a light-weight short-scale Epiphone Viola (aka the “Paul McCartney” bass) for when my GBS is bad, lol. Unfortunately I’m losing my “guitar room” to make way for the baby we’re having on March 19~! Priorities, I guess….. 😛
So it looks like we have 2 guitars and a bass. If you guys ever make it to Long Island, or I take a road trip, we should totally do a GBS jam~! Now we just need a drummer with GBS….lol