Reply To: Insurance Coverage

February 15, 2013 at 10:46 pm

If i were you i would challenge the insurance company.  I have found that if you put them on the spot, that it’s very unlikely the people sitting in on your appeal hardly have any knowledge or history dealing with cidp.

Im in the second level appeal process right now with anthem BCBS.   I had to ask 3x before they would state their experience with the disease when I requested their background so it would be on file—since the interviews are recorded.  2 0f the 3 people at my appeal did not even know what cidp was or even what the initials stood for, the one neurologist on the board had very limited knowledge/experience.   I am quite confident that i won this appeal—currently waiting for their answer.

The insurance companies count on us being uninformed, accepting their decisions and living with it, so do your research, stand up to them and put them on the spot.   Just the fact that they are requesting a nerve biopsy shows how behind they are on their knowledge of cidp.  Nerve biopys are not routinely done anymore.