Reply To: Insurance Coverage

February 15, 2013 at 3:48 am

To answer your questions, yes, I believe my neurologist felt that the ivig treatments were safer and more effective and were a better course of treatment for me than prednisone, due to the possible side effects.  No, I an not diabetic or pre-diabetic.  Yes, the insurance company detailed why they denied the claim – basically they wanted a nerve biopsy “proving” demyelination and to have tried and failed at prednisone.

During my regular physical when I mentioned numbness in my fingertips, the doctor did a blood test to see if my b12 levels were low.  They were at the bottom of the normal range and she suggested b12 injections.  I asked if I could try b12 vitamins by mouth and she agreed.  I took them for a couple of months and my levels went up considerably, to above normal levels, however my symptoms progressed and I had become weaker.  That’s when she referred me to the neurologist.  Since then, I continue to take b12.