Reply To: Insurance Coverage

February 15, 2013 at 12:29 am

I hear you—I was very athletic prior to this too.  It is very stressful having to “think” about walking, something that used to just be natural.

If your Dr had medical reasons for you to NOT try prednisone–(-if this is  even why your ins. company isnt covering ivig??) then you should be able to go straight to ivig without trying it.  Are you diabetic or pre-diabetic, that might be why your dr doesn’t want to try it.

Did your insurance company state on the denial why they are denying ivig? there should be a code on the bottom of the letter that you can look to see the reason for the denial.
You stated above “after your b-12 levels came back up” were they low when you were originally tested? did you do b-12 shots?  Ive been taking sub-lingual b-12 since being diagnosed with cidp. My level wasnt below normal when i was diagnosed, but it was on the lower end of the recommended levels.  since taking the sub-lingual tabs my level has been high, over the normal levels.