Reply To: Insurance Coverage

February 14, 2013 at 11:06 pm

That is reassuring about the prednisone.  All this is pretty new to me and I have a lot of questions.  I hadn’t felt great for a period of time before I was diagnosed, but chalked it up to other factors.  When I went for a physical in July 2012, I mentioned some numbness in my fingertips which the doctor thought might be low b12.  However, after my b12 levels came back up, my symptoms got worse (weakness, unsteadiness when walking) and I was referred to a neurologist.  It took until the end of the 2012 to complete the nerve/muscle study, lumbar puncture, and MRI, and then the diagnosis of CIDP, followed by the IVIG just before Christmas.  I improved quite a bit after the IVIG treatment and at the same time had reduced some stress, and took a leave from work; but I still wasn’t back to normal.  Over the next month I did pretty well, but have had some increased weakness and unsteadiness again over these past few weeks.  The doctor seemed concerned about the effects of prednisone on blood pressure and possible weight gain, etc., and with the continuing battle with the insurance company over covering the IVIG, I may not have that as an option.  I don’t want to wait too long to start a treatment, but I keep holding out hoping things will get better or that I will have the option to try the IVIG again.  I know things could be worse and I am grateful for what I am able to do and for my many blessings, but I feel sort of frustrated at times and just want to feel like myself again.  I’ve always been athletic and it’s hard now to have to think about walking and keeping my balance and just not having my body respond as it should.  I guess I’d like to find some hopeful and helpful information as I move forward with this.