Reply To: I have CIDP & now so does my aunt!

July 17, 2012 at 12:35 pm

I have to disagree with GH…respectfully of course.

I Googled “autoimmune disease inherited” and got a link to Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions Autoimmune Disease Research website. Here is the link:

This is what it has to say about autoimmune diseases being inherited:

“Clinical and epidemiologic evidence as well as data from experimental animals demonstrate that a tendency to develop autoimmune disease is inherited. This tendency may be large or small depending on the disease but, in general, close relatives are more likely to develop the same or a related autoimmune disease. A number or genes have been implicated in causing autoimmune disease, primarily genes related to the human major histocompatibility complex called HLA.”

Years ago I did research on this very subject because autoimmune diseases seem to be common in my family. My maternal Grandmother had diabetes, I have endometriosis, my cousin has epilepsy & my daughter has CIDP – all are autoimmune. After my daughter was dx’d with CIDP I found out an aunt of mine presented with similar symptoms. She did not have health insurance and the ER dx’d her with a peripheral neuropathy. The last time I spoke to her, 2 years ago, she still had not seen a dr for follow up & was not on any treatment but her symptoms sounded VERY much like either GBS or relapsing/remitting CIDP.

Hopefully someone from Florida will see this post & they can refer your aunt to a neuro in FL that is familiar with CIDP. Years ago there was an older person (can’t remember their name) who posted about their mother, in her 80’s, getting IVIG. So it can be done.