Reply To: I have CIDP & now so does my aunt!

October 4, 2012 at 3:55 pm

I have the same issue in my family. My aunt is only in her 60’s but presented with symptoms in her fifties. My daughter also shows early signs including identical episode of unexplained paralysis when she was a toddler just like I had.

When I was treated at Mayo a few years ago they looked into these correlations and said that research will eventually join these links but for now – there are more environmental connections than genetic. They are keeping track of all of us – but so far the genetic markers for this is beyond what research has worked through. Especially on our side of the house where funding does not focus on a small population yet like CIDP. We did have a complete genetic workup on everyone through Mayo that also scanned through those genetic elements that have been documented and nothing was found on our case. The good news is that we have been documented and are being followed so that at least we can help contribute as they continue to make connections.

It is interesting to see the differences and similarities in treatments. She is treated at UCLA and me at Mayo Rochester. Different philosophies for sure. I should note that my aunt and I grew in southern california and shared much of the same environmental history and I moved to the midwest a few years before I was diagnosed. My daughter was born in Wyoming and did not share in those same environmental profiles. Such as smog – parents who smoked – industrial pollution – building materials – etc. My daughter has a complete different profile.

If I had more energy – I would love to research this all more!!