Reply To: I don't understand -Help

January 28, 2012 at 8:51 pm

Hi: IVIG is the normal treatment for GBS and, while it can’t cure the disease, it does help slow it down and protect the body. If your mom really has GBS the disease itself lasts only a few weeks, but it can leave damage to the body that may or not be permanent. Most people recover to various degrees and so should your mom. After I had the disease I was in rehab for 4 weeks learning how to walk again. Is your mom in the hospital? She needs to be periodically checked to make sure the disease does not affect her ability to breath. She really should be in the hospital. At any rate the treatment is not harmful and should help her. At the worst it won’t do any good but usually it does. I am sure other people will respond as they learn the forum is back on-line. This is a great place to have your questions answered.
GBS takes a long time to get over and healing is very slow. You and she need to patient and allow the body to take whatever time it needs to heal. The great news is that most people do heal, not always completely, but they get past where she is now. Keep the faith. Jeff