Reply To: I don't understand -Help

February 5, 2012 at 2:43 pm

Hi Biblios: In my opinion it is too early for such a diagnosis. I have heard it given to several people for whom it wasn’t true. It takes two years to get an idea of how much will come back. I wonder why, if it is GBS, that nerve damage is worsening after more than 30 days. GBS is acute, not chronic, and usually is over after three weeks or so. I continued to worsen for about 17 days,but IVIG didn’t work for me. You might ask the neurologists about this. In any case, with GBS a lot can come back, though, of course, often not all. There is often lasting nerve damage but don’t give up hope yet. It takes a long time to recover from GBS and much too early to accept such a discouraging prognosis. Best to you and your mother and welcome to the forum. Jeff