Reply To: How many of us work?

October 17, 2013 at 2:26 am

Harry, I seem to recall in another of your posts that you work in construction. That can be very physically demanding work, especially for someone challenged with CIDP.

Unlike GBS, recovery from CIDP can be very slow and many of us never get back to where we were physically before being stricken with CIDP.

I was stricken before retirement age and had to fight my way through several disability rejections before finally getting accepted. As soon as I hit retirement age I applied for social security.

I had my own business consulting service before GBS/CIDP/MFS. I had told friends and family I would never retire, just take on fewer clients from time to time. I had just cut my work schedule to 2 weeks per month and joined a Tennis league, planning to play as often as I could (I was in good shape and used to play semi-professionally).

Thanks to CIDP, I am now a wheelchair bound paraplegic and in complete forced retirement. I’m not a good example of a typical CIDP patient and I think most CIDP patients recover better than me and quite a few return to work.

I hope your neuro is correct and you are able to return to the work that you enjoy.