Reply To: hey all

February 21, 2012 at 9:23 pm

went with the above combo and had a very annoying anesthesiologist girl who thought she knew it all. I am glad she has an education but as I told her….that single molecular difference between meds can be a life or death situation for me, I know ME she knows meds, lets work together and come to an agreement. When I was coming out of the sleep….it knocked me out cold….I heard her say in a snotty tone to someone else “see that is why I don’t like using propofol!” Only wish I had enough of my senses about me to put her in her place. They were going to use propofol along with versed and fentanyl and I explained my concerns and stuck to them. The girl said she had seen adverse reactions in pediatrics…so why the big deal when someone with a chronic health issue voices concerns? Apparently from what I could understand but no one would tell me personally was that my breathing dropped drastically, have no idea about BP or heart rate. Who is to say that worse would not have happened with the combo or just versed or some other med? I told them straight out that sedatives scare the crap out of me and why.

Anyhow, everything went otherwise fine. Was still having memory and some other issues well into the next day and a half.