Reply To: Help getting medicare pay for IVIG

May 5, 2012 at 4:14 pm

If you call gammaguard or gammunex direct, you could ask if they work with medicare direct. If so, maybe this scenario could then apply to you…. Gammaguard and gammunex both will sell the ivig direct to insurance (hopefully medicarein your situation) as well, they set up the nurse to come to your house and access. The ivig is cheaper because it was direct and the nursing was cheaper as well. The only reason we did not do it was because our healthcare co became a preferred provider for BCBS and because of the bulk purchase mationwide the rate was cheaper than me getting it direct. Prior to that preferred provider status, the direct purchase was significantly lower. Maybe they will take medicare too!! Regarding not being in the programs previously, it would be relatively simple to get that info. Each infussion the nurse puts a lot sticker on your chart. Our home healthcare does it as well as when we were in the hospital when this whole thing started. Maybe they would make an acception and backtrack what you used and allow it to be counted in the program. If so, it is a sizeable amount they give free, maybe a year? I can’t remember.

Since your doc is not sure the results will be positive and the cost is high, what about PP? There are several on the site on medicare that get PP covered. How about solumedrol or a short time with prednisone? I wish I could think of something concrete to suggest to you. You were helpful to us in the begining of this crap. I wish I could return the help with some idea.