Reply To: help getting BCBS approvial for Rituxan treatment of CIDP

June 14, 2012 at 3:32 pm

Hi Lori,
I’m soooooo happy to report that BCBS did finally approve the Rituxan for me. I and my Dr think that it was because we could show that I did try the IVIG and had bad reactions to it and like my Dr said, ” they have to offer you something”.
I’m at 700 mg per IV, once a week for the first four weeks, then I will wait 4 weeks and then have another IV. After that it will space out to every 6 weeks.
I was worried that after such a fight to get the Rituxan, that it would not work as well as the first time. But I have had a lot more energy and strength. I still get the burning feet in the evening if I go for a long walk with the dog. I would say that I am back 50 % now and hope to climb much higher as the meds start to work. It might take a litter longer this time because of the condition I was in to start with. I hope you have success with Rituxan. CIDP can be quite a burden sometime but it helps when you know something will work to make it better.
Let me know how your doing,