Reply To: help getting BCBS approvial for Rituxan treatment of CIDP

April 26, 2012 at 2:23 am

Thanks for the reply. I did contact the manufacturer. My Dr and I sent information to them and they are going to see what can be done. I did feel they were very helpful.
I might have to try the sub q. ivig the only problem is does the sub q and the regular IVIG produce the same effects. I found that in addition to the reactions, I was not getting any help from the IVIG.
When I first start on the Rituxan, it does take a bit of time to start working best. I think it is usuall around 6 weeks to get the full effect. I just find that when I’m on a regular dose, I can maintain a rather healthy lifestile. I like to garden, hike and photography. Right now I have to pace myself so I can go to work as well.
Thanks again for all the help and prayers. can always use these in abundance,