Reply To: Help-Considering Stem Cell Transplant

January 23, 2013 at 5:54 pm

I am sorry for your diagnosis as such a young age- one thing you do not mention is how you are doing on monthly ivig infusion-  If you are doing well then you are on the safest although definitely not cheapest or most convenient therapy-  also as a young woman with your whole life ahead including possible family in your future, you need to consider effect of stem cell on fertility – the chemo may risk infertility – also sometimes cidp goes in to remission on its own – It really all stems on the risk / benefit ratio-  I was dx at 41 and my specialist at the Mayo clinic has informed me that I am doing too well to undertake stem cell despite my reliance on ivig every 10 days and Imuran daily.  I am caught between not being severely disabled ( I am not complaining about that trust me) but not normal either –  Hang in there and I wish you well.