Reply To: Help-Considering Stem Cell Transplant

January 23, 2013 at 3:21 am

that sounds like a pretty good schedule—-do you live close to chicago, or is it a long trip for you?

My job is not physically demanding either, its a small business that i own and operate.  It involves care for people, so i cant just shut it down to go away, plus without my job, i wouldnt have my insurance.    Such a mess…..getting this disease can really throw a wrench in life.

But—i will make it work, if it will stop this cidp then it will be worth it.  I have anthem blue cross for insurance–a ppo, not sure how they will be about this whole thing.

yes i have been on a roller coaster ride with the ivig too, it has never really helped me regain any strength–only slowed down the progression.   called back today hoping to reach Paula to see what Dr Burts questions were, but only got the answering machine—-will try again tomorrow.  must be a busy place.