Reply To: Hello, I'm new here and looking for a little help

March 11, 2013 at 12:30 am

Hi Steve,

Has Vasculitis been discussed as a possible diagnosis by any of your doctors?

I am a GBS survivor who is looking at a probable dx of one of the 16 forms of Vasculitis now…………the symptoms can be “all over the place” and can include muscle weakness, paresthesia, headaches, rashes or sores that won’t heal (including mouth sores), etc.  It can affect the CNS and/or the PNS.  There is a very long list of symptoms, which makes dx difficult as they can seem unrelated.

It also can come in “flares” (or relaxing and remitting) and can be brought about by many conditions including allergies. (Like mine.)

Is your C-Reactive Protein high? Have you had ESR done? I am fortunate that my ANA is still negative (it was sky-high a year and a half prior to my developing GBS) but when I am having a flare of whatever this is I have going on now my CRP is at least 3X the high normal rate. Unfortunately CRP can’t pinpoint where the inflammation is and what is causing it…….

I currently have confirmation of four autoimmune diseases, if I have Vasculitis as well, this will push me to five and counting…….

I hope you get a correct diagnosis soon, as I told my GP, I don’t even care at this point if anything can be done for whatever is going on, I just need to put a name to it………………

Best Wishes,