Reply To: Has any one filed…

April 24, 2013 at 4:32 pm

My case was “fast tracked” as the gov conceded we had a great case and went straight to damage negotiations.  I am 18 months into GBS.  Filed over 1 yr ago.  We reached an agreement in Feb.  They have to late May to write the contract and get all the needed signatures.  My lawyer says not to expect a check before Thanksgiving.  And get this, they send a chech as they are unable to do a electronic transfer of the money into my account.  I also had to send 6 yrs of income tax fillings and they used all my deductions in figuring award amt.  They also argued I would retire at age 63 even though I can’t receive social security until 67.  We also argued when I am at age 63 my youngest son would just be starting college.  Its all a pain but afterwards all worth it.