Reply To: Gracie-4 years old

May 16, 2012 at 5:42 pm

Hi – in regards to my ds not being able to communicate his pain, that was one of the very frustrating things we had to deal with. And when we asked the docs we would get mixed responses as to how much discomfort he was going thru. If you look at my post on this board from that time (titled ’19 mo w/gbs’) you’ll see I got a number of responses from those with older children who were able to put some words to what it was they were feeling.
We would give him acetominophin (spelling? basically children’s Tylenol) when he seemed very uncomfortable, usually to help him sleep or after PT. Your doc should be able to advise if this is ok for your dd. Also, we tried not to overdo it & not push him too hard, too fast – rest was really important. You will notice little changes that indicate she is getting her strength back (& those little things mean a lot!) – Dee