Reply To: Gracie-4 years old

July 27, 2012 at 12:40 pm

Tim – For most people they get 2 grams per kg over the course of the whole infusion. My daughter received 4 grams per kg per infusion when she was 1st dx’d – she is certainly not the norm.

I’m really terrible at remembering how to figure out how much IVIG you should get. I think the formula would be:

So your daily dosage (if getting a 5 day loading dose) should be 44 grams. Most dr’s would probably round that up to 45 grams. Your total loading dose for a 5 day period would be 220.

I’m going to then assume if you are on a maintenance dose it would be half of the loading dose (since a maintenance dose is generally 1 gram per kg), so you would then receive 110 grams. You would probably receive that 110 grams over the course of a month by breaking up the treatments depending how you respond.

If you receive IVIG every 2 weeks then you would get 55 grams at every infusion.

However, if you are doing well on your current treatment plan then that is FANTASTIC because it means you are getting less than a maintenance dose!

I hope that makes sense. Like I said, I’m not very good at the math.