Reply To: Get Tested!

February 18, 2013 at 3:21 am

My mistake was in returning to answer you in the first place: you can have the last word. I came here to spread the word not see who can outsmart who. I have offered no medical advice and while IVIG did help my son (it did not cure him), it is a blood product and there are always issues related to taking it. Steroids, well if you’re a child they can damage you for life, not too good for you if you’re an adult as well, especially if you are fighting off an active infection.

Pardon me for impeding on everything you thought you knew. I’m not sure why you’re debating me, maybe your defending your brilliant doctor, maybe you just enjoy the feeling of self-importance that comes with being an “expert” on a forum. I leave it to you, I didn’t come to convince, only to plant the seed of possibility for those who are looking for a real answer. That is my purpose here and it has been pretty obvious for anyone whose defenses aren’t immediately raised when what they think they know is challenged.

Please email me if you are looking for help, or keep listening to people who offer no solutions outside of your suffering. Best of luck to you all.