Reply To: GBS/CIDP Survey

April 6, 2012 at 12:33 pm

‘I see you are really taking in this thread – Popcorn and watching in 3D…how can it get better than this? This forum needs a little competative change of thoughts every now and then; it’s good and healthy for our neurons to activate…what do you think?’
Hi Jethro

Hey, what can I say? I love a good debate. But seriously, I am glad to see you challenge the status quo. GH does know a lot and seems obedient to established knowledge. However, I feel that the true successes in the medicine have come because of challenges to gross intricacies. GBS info has a lot of unanswered questions and is not well studied.

Of course there is much to be grateful from the care I received in hospital. But to have complete faith in the medical community-as far as GBS/CIDP is concerned-seems too great a leap. I have been presented with many assumptions. In my case, I can’t point to anything as a trigger for GBS, unless you want to count a cold sore. And since, there have been other conflicts.
Anyway, I am glad there is some kind of debate happening, even if only on this thread. To me, there seems to be an indifference in the medical community and even within the GBS/CIDP community. That someone-anyone- is asking questions is to me a good thing. Drew’s work is actually the first survey I have seen since coming down with this nearly two years ago. Thanks to both of you for taking the time and care to do some digging.