Reply To: GBS/CIDP Survey

April 4, 2012 at 7:22 pm

You got it!
Here is how it works – Example: You get a flu shot (vaccination) today. Next week you don’t feel up to yourself; maybe you are tired and ache a little…spend 1-2 days in bed. Week 2 you have flu-like symptoms but don’t think there is really anything serious. Week 3 you notice weakness and fatigue. You get in to see the doctor and he ask, “what’s going on here?” You tell him you are weak and have had a few aches and pains – sorta like flu symptoms and just don’t feel up to yourself.

Here is where it gets interesting – What do you think the doctor is going to LOG in your medical record? Since most GP’s have never seen a case of GBS or knows there is a link with flu shots and GBS, you doctor is going to examine you, maybe give you some medication, and wants to see you in 4 weeks…and notes in your record: “Tired, fatigue, and complains of some weakness, a few aches and pains.” He does not note the FACT that “this patient had a flu shot 3 weeks ago.”

Now you’re in week 4: You can barely walk, extreme weakness – So you go to the Hospital ER. That doctor wants to know what’s going on…and if you have seen your own doctor. You say, “yes, I saw my GP last week – He didn’t think it was anything serious; I had some aches and was tired, weak and I have gotten worse since then. He wants to see me again in 3 weeks from now.” Well, what do you think this doctor is going to LOG in you medical chart? “Patient has seen his doctor last week; complains of being tired with weakness, aches with pain. Suggested that he call his GP and see a neurologist if he gets worse.”

Now you are in week 5: If you are lucky, you go back to the ER or call your GP and DEMAND you see a neurologist. Meanwhile, there is still nothing in your medical LOG from your own GP or the ER about getting a flu shot. You’re lucky…ER doctor admits you to the Hospital and you are seen by a neurologist. AND, if you are really lucky the neurologist will do a spinal tap and get a diagnosis of GBS.

Now all your MEDICAL RECORDS indicate you had the flu and that was the cause your GBS. AND, once it’s LOGGED in your records – You can tell the whole world that it all started with a flu shot…after you do some research of your own – However, your medical records are like CARVED IN STONE and they ARE NOT going to change. All your doctors and the neurologist will swear there is no connection.

BUT YOU ARE THE ONE that has experienced this catastrophic event; do you think your opinion means anything compared with what is written in your medical records by Board Certified Doctors? I can give you the answer – NO!

And that is how it works my friends.

Regards to all.