Reply To: GBS or CIDP from Statins?

June 30, 2012 at 6:57 pm

It’s GH, not GB. Call it “harsh” if you like, but On reviewing it, it seems like pretty mild commentary to me, and I stand by it.

The fact is that there were quite a few people here awhile back who were looking for scapegoats, and who were promoting not knowledge, but superstition — some of it harmful. There is less of this in recent months, which is a good thing.

Anecdotes can be interesting, but usually they contribute nothing to the understanding and treatment of diseases such as GBS and CIDP. Only science-based medical research can do that. But if you like anecdotes, here’s mine:

I started taking statins ca. 1990 for high cholesterol, and took them continuously, as prescribed. In 2010 I acquired CIDP. After a brief suspension of statins while I was hospitalized, I am now back on daily statins for cholesterol, as well as drugs for high blood pressure which I also had been taking for years before CIDP. There is no evidence to suggest that statins contributed in any way to my having acquired CIDP. There is evidence that they have controlled my cholesterol to safe levels, and there is plenty of scientific evidence documenting the risks associated with high cholesterol. Today, I am continuing to recover from a very severe case of CIDP, and my blood is normal, thanks to drugs I take for high cholesteral and blood pressure, along with eating a healthier diet.

I am not aware of any medical research study supporting a link between statins and either GBS or CIDP. If anyone knows of one, it would be helpful to post a link.