Reply To: GBS -Eyes Closed = Possum or Problem?

September 29, 2012 at 1:40 pm

Hi D.U. – Yes, he was not playing possum. His eyes just may have been extremely sensitive to light !  He is able to communicate with either a yes/no head movement or 1 or 2 fingers up for yes/no.  Speech therapy is improving with a Speaking Valve being installed for up to 3 hours a day. Hopefully with improved “swollowing”, he can have a successful 2nd  “3-day blue-dye test’ in October so the Tracheal Tube can be removed and he can then be moved to a more intensive PT location.  The situation now is that PT has completely stopped working with him because he “hasn’t improved according to their guidelines”.  Some of the readings I have come across indicate GBS patient improvement/recovery occurs between 6-12 months and maybe up to 2 years.  Since my friend’s bout with GBS occurred in March 2012 but not really diagnosed until April 2012, he should be in the critical recovery period now!   We’re hoping for a significant change to occur soon.