Reply To: Frustration

June 27, 2012 at 11:12 pm

BTW, where is her fistula if you would like to share? Is she catheterized? (bladder fistula) Anyway, depending on where the fistula is, depends on what type of treatment, for some fistulas I know they use immunosuppressants which would be beneficial for the cidp. So if they are fighting you on the ivig for the cidp, maybe you can pursue a route for treatment of the fistula to reduce pain, possible need of future surgery and to stop the abcess from erupting and becoming septic. They would have to at least consider your thought for a suppressant. Not sure what suppressants they use, but prednisone could be an option. They would definitely not be wary because of the price, it is less than pennies on the dollar compared to ivig or remicaid or any other suppressant. I just don’t know if they can use it for all fistulas. If it is in the intestine, I think prednisone is used. Obviously it is not the ideal drug, but it is better than nothing and it has the chance to help both problems. Sorry if I am going on too much. I just know the frustration you are going through at that “rehab facility”