Reply To: Frustration

June 27, 2012 at 10:44 pm

Is she medicare or medicaid? I don’t imagine that they will continue ivig on medicaid, especially in a nursing home. Eventually they are probably goping to insist she go into a nursing home. Check the michigan dept of public health to see what violations are connected to the facility she is at or some how we can get in contact and I could search for you. It might be a wise idea to start looking for nursing homes now so that you do not just end up where they place you. Not sure about budget issues in Michigan, but here, you can apply for medicaid (have a social worker at the facility you are at help you get started with that) Make sure your mom signs any papers, so she is responsible for payment. They are tricky in their verbage, if you sign, you could be held liable for payment. Once everything is signed, you should make sure someone has poa for her and that you have her wishes in the form of a living will. Once they start giving heavy narcotics, her signing anything gets a little dicey. So you have to try to get things in order soon. Not to mention the heavy narcotics sometimes contribute to a sundowners effect on seniors. They get confused and disoriented. Phentynol patches work good for pain and for keeping the relief constant. They apply the patch and it gets replaced every three days. You don’t have to worry about oral dosing every four hours. There are different doses, so maybe they could start out smaller. Along with the heavier narcotics will come sleepiness which brings on eating issues and hydration. There are lots of things to consider, but if she is in pain…. I’m just a mom who went through this with both of my parents, so take what I am writing as just an uneducated response to your post.