Reply To: Frustration

June 27, 2012 at 7:08 pm

BTW, there are wrong regarding if she can go from sitting to walking medicare will pay for therapy. In fact she can be sitting and graduate to range of motion exercise, from a sitting position, to balloon toss etc. There just has to show progression. Standing from a sitting position, or even practicing on standing is progress. Progression is the key word, even baby steps. If it is a nursing home, it is in their best financial interest to make the therapy happen, they get extra money. The problem you addressed about the hospital/medicaid is…If she currently is on medicaid but winds up in the hospital for complications be it pneumonia, injury, infection whatever, she has to remain in the hospital for 72 hours before she can qualify for medicare…a higher payment than medicaid. That is what the hospital is looking for. When she returns to her current facility after a 72 hour stay, she would then be a medicare pay for 90 or 120 days entitled to physical therapy provided she makes progress.