Reply To: Flu vaccine – do yall get one?

October 16, 2012 at 5:55 pm

I get the flu vaccine every year.  My local neurologist as well as my Mayo clinic  neurologist recommend.  I have been told the IVIG may interfere with the vaccine effectiveness ( making vaccine less effective) but still worth getting.   I have also been told that if your particular case of CIDP was thought to have induced by a vaccination to avoid in that case. Mine was not related to vaccination so therefore I receive every year.  I do get a little more tired and some mild increase in symptoms the day or two after vaccination, but have never had a relapse brought on by it ( I have 5 years of experience with this personally) .  It is not easy to predict how you will react but contracting the  flu would be very dangerous .  Sometimes they can split the dose if concerned but I am not sure if you would have decrease effectiveness.  Finally, you do get some passive immunity from IVIG .  I am so glad to hear you are improving- nerves can take a few years to heal so once you stop the damage , you may continue to improve.