Reply To: Flu vaccine – do yall get one?

November 10, 2012 at 5:03 am

I was advised to NEVER allow Emily to get a flu shot. Her CIDP symptoms started about a month before she received her only flu shot, back in 2005, &  within weeks of the flu shot she was in the hospital.  Her dr’s say she should not ever be vaccinated again for anything.

For your veins…have you considered getting a port? Emily had one for YEARS & it was great. She is a really difficult stick (she has very deep veins) and the port is so easy to access.

I’m sorry you were so sick. You might want to ask your dr about doing a loading dose or two to get you back on track. How long do you normally go in between infusions? If you notice a decline at 10 days then perhaps you should see about getting weekly treatments. Emily relapsed every 9 days for awhile & she was on weekly IVIG’s.  We were able to stretch them to every 10 days, every 2 weeks & so on. She’s now at every 5-6 weeks.