Reply To: Feel Like Crap

March 9, 2012 at 2:01 pm

I think many who are recovering from GBS have a roller coaster ride. So, I would say that your experience is not uncommon. It sounds as though you have overdone…..perhaps complicated by the cold/sinus infection and the meds you are on. As far as therapy is concerned I would try to go back to a point where you still move forward without compromising the next day. For instance, if you could walk 200 feet with a walker, every day, that might be more helpful at this time than crashing and burning each time you walk independently. When we were children we all learned to walk at a different pace……so it is with GBS recovery…..but in the end the time frame doesn’t matter as much, as if we do indeed learn to walk again. Test and rest… patient….take pleasure in each victory and remain positive. It can be done.