Reply To: Feel Like Crap

March 9, 2012 at 4:03 pm

My usual indicator that I am overdoing it is my right leg will start to not move well. By the next morning all is well and I go back to my regular workout ect. Hopefully my cold/sinus infection is the cause of my prolonged weakness.
Tom, maybe I am crashing and burning. Next friday I see my Physical Medicine and Rehabilitaton MD and will discuss it with her.
Northernguitarguy, very glad to see you back. Always enjoyed your posts. Haven’t tried messages yet but I have a hot tub off my back porch I haven’t been in since all this started. Afraid it will make my legs weaker and I won’t get out. I plan to try the hot tub this weekend. Anytime I try something new at PT or the gym it always affects me so and I become sooooo numb especially my legs.
I greatly appreciate everyones comments

Thank you