Reply To: DX-Ployneuritis of Unknown etiology?

September 15, 2012 at 1:37 am

When my daughter was first diagnosed with CIDP I spent quite a bit of time researching. When I didn’t understand the dr’s notes I would Google each & every word & then put it all together. So let’s break it down…

Poly means more than one

Neuritis means inflammation of the peripheral nerves or neuropathy

Etiology means the cause of a disease

EMG (electromyogram)  is a test that measures the electrical activity of muscles when they are resting

NCV (nerve conduction velocity) is a test that measures how well & how fast the nerves can send electrical signals
It seems your dr is saying, you need to see a neurologist to have your nerves tested because he suspects you have inflammation in 1 or more of your limbs  for no known cause (such has an injury).

What symptoms are you experiencing?