Reply To: DX-Ployneuritis of Unknown etiology?

September 15, 2012 at 8:44 pm

The Blood test for toxic chemicals has already been done(waiting for results but doc says it’ll come back normal). Had an MRI of the Brain that was totally clean except for evidence of sinusitis. Doctor said he wouldn’t order one of the spinal cord or brain again. I’ve had thousands of dollars in tests & the anxiety dx no longer explains these symptoms even though I actually have anxiety He finally started looking at my immune system(again) when I insisted he give me as many drugs as he could to treat Multiple sclerosis symptoms(Not DMD medications). At that point he asked me what symptoms are you having that we haven’t already treated.I couldn’t think of any. Just after I fell in his office & one of his nurses went scream in shock that I had,My mother came to the office to pick me up,he ran out to see me on the floor I got up &  the nurse handed me the script. He looked at my mom & told her(We don’t know what’s wrong with him).