Reply To: Droopy Face!

February 29, 2012 at 9:01 pm

Yup, I sure did have MRI’s with contrast – in fact I have had two just of neck and head .. The first one was read as normal (about a month after my symptoms started or so), everyone was thinking MS.. then it came back clear, which stumped everyone. the second one was done in decemeber when I was in the hospital- it showed one lesion on my brain and possibly another on my spinal cord in my neck.. however all other MS testing (LP, evoked potentials ) came back normal, so everyone said no MS.. As far as I know no one commented on nerve inflammation (though does that show up early on in the course? I have read of hypertrophy of the nerves with chronic symptoms for a while.. didn’t know if that would show up “acutely” or not).. As far as my pupils- they are abnormal.. My autonomic nervous testing came back abnormal for heart rate/blood pressure and pupil response… My vision since this started is very bad.. I never have worn glasses in the past, but I went to the eye dr a few months into this when I had double vision (thinking again it must be MS- for them to look for optic neuritis)..but they said my eyes were fine.. My vision is slightly double all the time.. and just “awkward”!