Reply To: Droopy Face!

April 16, 2012 at 8:29 pm

Wow Shellbones – sounds like we have A LOT in common!!! I can’t believe you work around a lot of sick people too, but I’m the same way – I only get sick when my kiddos or my direct coworkers get sick, as I’ve always been a bit of a germ phob at work and am hand wash crazy! 🙂 I will check with my company to see if we have a partial disability, as I think that would be best.. I think I am having another relapse too AHHH! I got a cold/3 days of fever from my kids.. it was just a fever that hung on! I thought I got out without any issues, as my IVIG had kicked in and I was feeling quite good.. about 2 days fever free, I was at work and suddenly my feet started getting very numb- lidocaine injected numbness.. this then hit my hands too.. and other wierd symptoms followed this all happened over about 2 days.. didn’t seem to cause much focal weakness, just the all over wiped out/muscles all shakey kind of weakness.. I thought I would just wait 8 days from today for my scheduled IVIG… however I got out of bed this morning and my foot feels like lidocaine is still in full force, so I went ahead and left a message with the clinic to see what we should do.. I’m SOOO sick of Dr’s appointments/talking about it/testing etc.. that I just want to ignore it! But, I know that won’t help me any.. so we’ll see what they say!
As far as the Imuran goes – wow thats a long time for it to “kick in”.. when you say it kicked in, do you mean your symptoms got better, or simply halted, or stopped getting relapses? Do you know why some go with Imurane, while others go with cellcept? My neuro seems to like cellcept for a lot of her patients, but then the rheumy likes imuran… Do you stay out of the sun with your dosage of Imuran? Thanks again and So sorry for all of my questions!!! Hope your doing well!