Reply To: Droopy Face!

March 19, 2012 at 9:34 pm

Honestly it really sounds like miller fisher if cidp is firm. Does your ncv/emg suggest it besides the elevated protein in spinal? Regarding the ivig. We have a scheduled prescription for a year. It gets renewed each year. If you keep waiting until you feel the symptoms, you will keep stepping backwards. You have to stay ahead of theings. If you feelsymptoms at week 3, then it would be a good idea to do them every two weeks. How is the at home treatment possibility going? We use Coram and love them, not suggesting them, don’t even know if they are in your state or if they are, are they any good in your stATE. Just letting you know our experience with them. If it is miller fisher, I do know that Kelly’s daughter required more than a 2g/kg dose to control her eye issues. If I remember correctly, you are not up to a 2g/kg dose yet.

If you don’t mind, what kind of work do you do? Any chance of getting duties lightened? BTW, in I think the last ig living magazine issue there was an article about people having difficulty in their jobs (keeping, getting hired etc) based on info on facebook pages or info on computer. So be careful what you write, just in case.